• JustAnotherQueen

    As the only active user on this wiki at the moment, I have requested to adopt this wiki to gain admin and bureaucrat rights. Anyway, here's some rules I have created.

    Spamming will not be tolerated at all on this wiki. Any forms of spamming will result in a two week block, and once that block is over, if the offending user returns and continues to spam, this will result in a permanent block.

    Due to the nature of several of cupcakKe's tracks, swearing will be allowed on here. However, swearing may not be used to offend another user, and slurs may not be said, unless used in an article where they are said in a song lyric (and they must be censored in order to not trigger Wikia's spam filter.)

    Due to the sexual nature of several of cupcakKe's tr…

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